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September 2006 Monthly Meeting

Sep 7 2006 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm
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How to Maximize for Sustainability




Dennis Wilde

Ralph DiNola

Gene Sanoval

Dave Gonwrowski

December 2006 Monthly Meeting

Dec 7 2006 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm
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Green Roof Construction in the Real World: Focus on Eco-Roofs II


Ankrom Moisan Architects

Parking directions: A block north of Ankrom Moisan’s office, at a traffic light, SW Nebraska crosses SW Macadam. Turn east on Nebraska, cross the RR track then turn right (south) and enter Willamette Park. Travel south a couple hundred feet, then left into a large public parking lot, parking here is free. West of the parking lot is Ankrom Moisan’s building.


Miles McCoy

Dan Koffel

Mark Barbour

Dirk Muntean


This will be a follow up meeting to the first Eco-Roof meeting. This program will be a panel of suppliers and subcontractors discussing Green/Eco Roofs. Each panel member will discuss where we are today, the learning curve we have gone through and the direction we are heading. The panel will field questions from the audience and consists of four members.

Miles McCoy is the exclusive US representative for Diadem, a German-Hungarian green roof technology company. Over the past decade, Diadem has used its "systems" technology to build green roofs throughout Europe and the British Isles. Projects range from small condominium yards to huge, over-garage public spaces. They were just involved in their first US project, the new library in Kansas City. McCoy has 25+ years experience in the green industry, including several years in research for the USDA/ARS Horticultural Research Laboratory, Corvallis, Oregon; 12 years with the Oregon Association of Nurseries in marketing and management positions; and a decade helping develop The Oregon Garden, Silverton, Oregon. Besides his Diadem work, he also owns his own "sustainable horticulture”" company marketing products "that move horticulture toward nutrition and pest/disease control solutions that have less environmental impact."

Dan Koffel is an estimator/project manager with Snyder Roofing Company of Oregon. He has over 25 years experience in the specialties of roofing and waterproofing. Dan's responsibilities include management of projects and Snyder's Roofing Service and Maintenance Division. Among the Eco-Roof projects that Snyder Roofing has contracted are buildings in The Pearl District, The Brewery Blocks, Portland, State University and the new Portland Waterfront District, including The Meriwether, The John Ross and The Atwater.

Mark Barbour is a project manager with Dennis' Seven Dees nursery with 20+ years experience in the landscaping industry. Mark's specialties include paver installation, wetland mitigation planting and Eco-Roof installations. Personal experience includes management of the Portland International Airport Gateway Project, Padden Parkway Landscaping Project, Clark County, Meriwether Condominiums Eco-Roof and the Atwater Condominiums Eco-Roof.

Dirk Muntean has been a horticultural consultant to the soil and plant industry since 1976. Dirk earned a Masters Degree from the University of California in Plant Physiology and Plant Ecology. He also holds Bachelor Degrees in Botany and Environmental Biology. Dirk is currently President of Northern Lights Analytical and Consulting Inc. The company provides comprehensive laboratory testing services, field call services and consultation for the horticulture industry including forestry, greenhouses, nurseries, landscape contractors, landscape architects, compost/soil producers and home owners in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska, Nevada, Hawaii and Australia.

January 2008 Monthly Meeting


There will not be a BEC meeting for the month of January. Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing everyone at future BEC meetings. Thank you and have a happy New Year.

August 2007 Monthly Meeting


There will not be a BEC meeting for the month of August. The BEC will reconvene on September 6th. Please join us for a presentation by Kennethy Roko and Dave Young entitled Sealant Adhesion and Compatibility with Self-Adheared Membranes. The location for this meeting has not been finalized.

March 2007 Monthly Meeting

Meeting Title: 

Data Logging: Discretely Measuring Building Assembly Performance


Pacwest Building, 1211 SW 5th Ave, 7th Floor, South Conference Room


[b]Budd Beatty[/b] [url=]Jeld-Wen[/url]

[b]Brian Hubbs, PE[/b] [url=]RDH Building Engineering[/url]

[b]Austin Sloat, AIA[/b] [url=]Ferrari Moe, LLP[/url]

[b]Toby White[/b] [url=]Forensic Waterproofing[/url]


This month's meeting will focus on using and deploying data loggers to monitor the performance of building enclosure assemblies. A brief overview of the generally available technology will be provided, and the presenters will describe several projects where data logging is being used to address questions regarding building performance. As important as knowing that you can gather the data is understanding why you might want to and what you can do with the data once you have it.

Budd W. Beatty is a Senior Manager with JELD-WEN dba The Product Integrity Group. He has been employed with JELD-WEN for 24 years and has been involved in the manufacture and design of windows and doors during that time.
Mr. Beatty has been working in The Product Integrity Group since 1998 and is currently involved in projects related to evaluating building envelope design and performance with the USC School of Architecture, Syracuse University, and The Canadian National Research Council. The Product Integrity Group is actively involved in Hygro-Thermal monitoring of 12 sites throughout the US and Canada. 
In addition to having evaluated buildings and building envelopes in the US, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom, Mr. Beatty has attended training sessions in Germany, Canada and the US on evaluating the Hygro-Thermal performance of building envelopes and the window/wall interface.

Brian Hubbs is a Principal and Senior Building Science Specialist with RDH Building Sciences Inc., He has over 15 years experience working exclusively as a consulting engineer focused on building enclosure issues. This work has included the design of new building enclosures as well as the forensic investigation and rehabilitation of existing building enclosures. This experience has included involvement with most building enclosure types over the varied climatic regions of North America. Brian has also been a key team member on the many of the key building science research and policy projects focused on the west coast climate zone.

Brian will provide a brief summary of a long term monitoring program of 5 buildings over a 5 year period. All buildings were multi-unit residential occupancy and incorporated rainscreen cladding and glazing systems. The buildings ranged in height from low rise wood frame to high-rise concrete frame. Two of the buildings were re-habilitated and three were newly constructed.

Austin Sloat, AIA is a project architect with Ferrari Moe, LLP, a Northern California architecture and engineering firm specializing in waterproofing consulting and restoration. Austin has 14 years of experience in residential, institutional, and commercial architecture in California, Hawaii, and Oregon with a focus on the building envelope for both new design and remedial applications.

Ferrari Moe is currently using data loggers to monitor the performance of two different repair methodologies for a high profile project in the State of Wyoming.

Toby White is the vice-president of Forensic Waterproofing Consultants, a Portland based construction consulting firm. Toby has over 10 years of experience working with exterior cladding components and materials in the Portland area as a manufacturer, distributer, and consultant. Toby is involved in several ASTM committees related to the building enclosure and is active with a number of associations and organizations involved in building enclosure, including RCI, AAMA, NWCB, CSI, and others.

Toby has several projects currently utilizing data loggers to monitor the conditions within wall and roof assemblies, specifically as they relate to demands placed on the building by occupancy and use.

May 2021 Monthly Meeting

May 11 2021 - 12:00pm - 1:15pm
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THERM: Analyzing the Evolution of Wall Assemblies


Live Zoom Webinar. Pre-registration is required at the link below.


Michael Meade


An introduction to the LBNL software THERM will be presented. Six wall assemblies commonly used from 2000-2020 are analyzed and described. Each assembly has performance positives and negatives and these can be shown by using the software.

We will discuss total R value of wall assemblies and dew point locations. There will be discussion of how to avoid mold and condensation in walls by proper analysis. Keeping the building warm and dry prevents mold, saves energy, and keeps occupants safe and healthy.

Mike Meade is an Architect with Hennebery Eddy Architects. He graduated from the University of Oregon, and has worked in Portland since the year 2000. He has been part of teams that have built several buildings in Portland, including OHSU Kohler Pavilion, Mercy Corps Global Headquarters, Cyan/PDX, the Vista North Pearl Condos, and the PDX Concourse E Extension.

Mike has a passion for building technology and is the Vice President of the Portland Building Enclosure Council.

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