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March 2007 Monthly Meeting

Mar 1 2007 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm
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Data Logging: Discretely Measuring Building Assembly Performance


Pacwest Building
1211 SW 5th Ave, 7th Floor
South Conference Room


Brian Hubbs

Budd W. Beatty

Austin Sloat


This month's meeting will focus on using and deploying data loggers to monitor the performance of building enclosure assemblies. A brief overview of the generally available technology will be provided and the presenters will describe several projects where data logging is being used to address questions regarding building performance. As important as knowing that you can gather the data is understanding why you might want to and what you can do with the data once you have it. Four presenters will speak about data logging in reference to different areas. Brian Hubbs is a Principal and Senior Building Science Specialist with RDH Building Sciences Inc. He has over 15 years experience working exclusively as a consulting engineer focused on building enclosure issues. This work has included the design of new building enclosures as well as the forensic investigation and rehabilitation of existing building enclosures. This experience has included involvement with most building enclosure types over the varied climatic regions of North America. Brian has also been a team member on many of the key building science research and policy projects focused on the west coast climate zone. Brian will provide a brief summary of a long term monitoring program of 5 buildings over a 5 year period. All buildings were multi unit residential occupancy and incorporated rain screen cladding and glazing systems. The buildings ranged in height from low rise wood frame to high-rise concrete frame. Two of the buildings were re-habilitated and three were newly constructed.

Budd W. Beatty is a Senior Manager with JELD-WEN dba The Product Integrity Group. He has been employed with JELD-WEN for 24 years and has been involved in the manufacture and design of windows and doors during that time. Mr. Beatty has been working in The Product Integrity Group since 1998 and is currently involved in projects related to evaluating building envelope design and performance with the USC School of Architecture, Syracuse University, and The Canadian National Research Council. The Product Integrity Group is actively involved in Hygro-Thermal monitoring of 12 sites throughout the US and Canada. In addition to having evaluated buildings and building envelopes in the US, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom, Mr. Beatty has attended training sessions in Germany, Canada and the US on evaluating the Hygro-Thermal performance of building envelopes and the window/wall interface.

Austin Sloat, AIA is a project architect with Ferrari Moe, LLP, a Northern California architecture and engineering firm specializing in waterproofing consulting and restoration. Austin has 14 years of experience in residential, institutional and commercial architecture in California, Hawaii and Oregon with a focus on the building envelope for both new design and remedial applications. Ferrari Moe is currently using data loggers to monitor the performance of two different repair methodologies for a high profile project in the state of Wyoming.

Toby White is the vice-president of Forensic Waterproofing Consultants, a Portland based construction consulting firm. Toby has over 10 years of experience working with exterior cladding components and materials in the Portland area as a manufacturer, distributor and consultant. Toby is involved in several ASTM committees related to the building enclosure and is active with a number of associations and organizations involved in building enclosure including RCI, AAMA, NWCB, CSI and others. Toby has several projects currently utilizing data loggers to monitor the conditions within wall and roof assemblies, specifically as they relate to demands placed on the building by occupancy and use.

February 2007 Monthly Meeting

Feb 1 2007 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Meeting Title: 

The Son of the Bride of Eco-Roofs III: Focus on Design


1120 NW Couch Suite 300
Portland, OR


Charlie Miller Roofscapes

Chris Wayburn, AIA GBD Architects

Dave Young RDH Building Sciences


This will be the final meeting of the series on Eco-Roofs. This program will be a panel of specialists discussing design considerations of Green/Eco Roofs. The panel will field questions from the audience and consists of three members.

Charles D. Miller, PE Roofscapes, Inc. Mr. Miller is the founder and president of Roofscapes, Inc. Roofscapes, Inc. supports a national network of landscape contracting companies that are licensed to install the Roofmeadow® family of green roof systems. These companies offer comprehensive installation and maintenance services for green roof projects across the US. Mr. Miller’s interest in green roofs stems from his background in water resource engineering. His research into the German success in using green roofs to treat urban runoff led him to form an alliance with Optigrun International AG.

Mr. Miller is a member of the Technical Advisory Committees for the Center of Green Roof Research at the Pennsylvania State University and is also a member of the ASTM Subcommittee on Sustainability-Building (E.06.71) where he has written four new practices pertaining to green roof design. Publications include: Methodology for the Design of Vegetated Roof Covers (1999), and A New Method for Controlling Runoff in Urbanized Areas (1998), Moisture Management in Green Roofs (2003) and Performance Based Approach for Preparing Green Roof Specifications (2004). Roofmeadow® green roofs have been featured in numerous periodicals, including Landscape Architecture, Architectural Record, Eco-Structure and Home Building magazine.

Chris Wayburn, AIA LEED AP GBD Architects Chris is currently a Project Manager and has been with GBD Architects since 1999. Chris has a BA in History from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and a Master’s of Architecture from Clemson University. His eco-roof experience includes M Financial Plaza (Brewery Block 4), The Louisa and he is currently the Project Manager of Atwater Place. Atwater Place has both an extensive eco-roof over residential units on the podium and a ground floor intensive plaza over underground parking. All eco-roofs on Atwater Place drain to bioswales, giving an effective dual-treatment of storm water.

Chris brings extensive knowledge and experience with eco-roofs from working on projects that have had features including an extensive roof over residential townhouses that drained down to an intensive roof below and an occupied intensive eco-roof/garden plaza at a second floor over retail.

Dave Young, RDH Dave is a Building Science Specialist with the firm RDH Building Sciences Inc. He joined RDH Building Engineering Ltd in Vancouver, BC in 1999 after working as a structural engineer for 10 years in Ottawa, Canada and moved to Portland in 2004. Over his 17 years of consulting experience, Dave has focused his efforts on failure investigation, rehabilitation and new construction. His experience includes high and low-rise commercial, institutional and residential buildings and he is currently working on Atwater Place and The Wyatt.

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