July 2020 Monthly Meeting

Jul 7 2020 - 12:00pm - 1:15pm
Meeting Title: 

Getting the Drift: Cladding Drift


Live Zoom Webinar. Pre-registration is required at the link below.


D. Scott Nyseth, Stonewood Structural Engineers


Review the building drift from wind and seismic loads. Discuss the new various return intervals for wind storms, and how that affects the various components of the building facade. Review new code provisions for solar, pavers, ballast, etc. Review char formation in mass timber, and how that may affect the connection of facade elements to the mass timber frame.

With more than 20 years of Structural Engineering experience, Scott Nyseth has worked in the design of multi-story mixed-use and residential buildings, commercial and industrial structures, rehabilitation of existing buildings, contractor design support during construction, post-earthquake investigation and evaluation of commercial and marine structures.  His passion for engineering, and inventive nature are evident by his quest to provide the most economical structural solutions and to ensure optimal building performance and safety of each structure.  Mr. Nyseth has consulted in the evaluation, analysis, design, testing and retrofit of a multitude of building types.  He also provides legal consultation services as they relate to structures and building envelopes.  Mr. Nyseth is well versed in smart design approaches for sustainability and net zero energy efficiencies.