Outside Seminar

Apr 3 2017 - 3:45pm - 7:15pm
Meeting Title: 

Wall Enclosure Monitoring and Performance Assessment for the Orchards at Orenco Passive House


721 NW 9th


Jonathan Smegal

Mike Steffen

Dylan Lamar


Jonathan Smegal’s work for RDH includes laboratory research, hygrothermal modeling, field monitoring of wall performance, and forensic analysis of building failures. Jonathan has managed more than a dozen full scale field tests of wall and roof performance including test huts, test trailers, test houses, and production homes in various locations throughout North America.

The Orchards at Orenco Passive House project was constructed through the winter of 2014/2015 and occupied in the summer of 2015. Since its construction, thermal and moisture conditions have been monitored continuously in the exterior wall of four different suites, two on the north orientation and two on the south orientation. This presentation will discuss the wall construction and moisture monitoring equipment, and look at nearly two years’ worth of relative humidity, temperature and wood moisture content data. Using this measured data, we will look at the effectiveness of the continuous exterior insulation in controlling heat loss and condensation in the enclosure. We will evaluate the performance of the wall enclosure, and the implications of different variables such as higher interior relative humidity and colder climates.